Auto Loans

New Auto Loans

POLAM finances up to at least 100% of the purchase price including tax and license with flexible terms! Once you have negotiated your best deal, a dealer will customarily give you seven days to arrange financing.  Most often, we can complete the loan within 48 hours or less from the time we receive a complete application. Comprehensive insurance naming the credit union as a loss payee is required.

Used Auto Loans

Often a well- equipped, low mileage auto can be a better value than a new car. You should however research the car’s reliability, resale value and consumer satisfaction reviews. Buying from a dealer is much simpler but often private parties are the better deals. A Carfax report is a good source of information about a car’s history. Once you have made a selection, download an application from our website and submit it to us along with the purchase agreement, if buying from a dealer, or bill of sale and copy of registration if buying from a private party. POLAM will lend up to at least 100% of the Lending Value as determined by Karpower, a division of Kelley Blue Book. Our used auto rates are consistently lower than banks or auto dealers. Loans over $8,000 require comprehensive auto insurance. For more information, please contact us at (800) 404-5137 Download our loan application

For more information about rates and terms call us at (800) 404 – 5137