Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Our all-volunteer Board of Directors is elected by the members at the annual membership meetings.   They are POLAM members who lend their managerial and financial expertise to guide the direction and mission of our credit union.

Chairman of the Board – Mariusz Kicinski
Vice Chair – Michelle Koterba
Director – Andy Dobrzynski
Director – Andrew B. Kozlowski
Director – Dariusz Swiatkowski
Director – Elisabeth Szupinska aka Bogna Ladowicz
Director – Donna Zuchowski

The Supervisory Committee

The Board appoints the Supervisory Committee from members of this credit union.  These volunteers’ responsibility is to serve as the audit committee of the credit union, ensuring that the credit union is soundly managed and that member assets are safeguarded.

Michelle Koterba
Theresa Dudzick
Christopher Grzelecki


Please direct any suggestions or concerns regarding your account with POLAM to:
POLAM Supervisory Committee 2720 Neilson Way, # 5703 Santa Monica, CA 90409
or email