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ATMs and Shared Branches

Convenient Locations Where You Live, Work, and Travel

5,000 CO-OP shared branches and nearly 30,000 ATMs throughout the United States.

Can’t make it to our branch in Los Angeles or Orange County? POLAM has joined other credit unions to bring you more choices in financial convenience. If you travel or move, you can keep your membership and accounts at POLAM, but you can access them from a location more convenient to you!

Walk into any of the CO-OP shared branches and make a deposit, payment, or a withdrawal. Use any of the CO-OP ATMs to make a surcharge free* withdrawal and even a deposit.

Listed below are different possibilities for you to do your banking outside of POLAM offices domestically and some internationally!

Over 5,000 live teller branches, enabling members to enter participating credit union branches and make deposits, withdrawals or payments as if they were at their own home branch.

CO-OP ATM provides access to nearly 30,000 ATMs nationwide, including 9,000 deposit-taking ATMs.