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Checking Accounts

Easier Access and Lower Fees

Personal Checking

POLAM is not for profit so that means lower and fewer banking fees for you, when compared to traditional banks that operate for profit.

When you open a personal checking account you will not have to worry about maintaining a balance to avoid a service fee, since POLAM does not charge a monthly service fee. In addition, your first batch of temporary checks is free.

You also get free online and mobile banking access as well as check free Bill Pay. We offer VISA Debit cards you can use virtually anywhere in the world, and there are over 30,0000 surcharge free CO-OP ATMs nationwide. That’s more than most of the biggest banks. And it includes selected locations where you shop, like 7-Eleven, Circle K, Costco, Publix, Dunkin Donuts, and many regional convenience store locations.

Your funds are Federally-insured to at least $250,000 by the NCUA.  And in addition to the federal insurance, there is the extra insurance coverage provided by American Share Insurance.

So, based on your account structuring, if your individual account is insured for $250,000, it will now be insured for $500,000.

We are always happy to sit down or speak with you about your insurance coverage, but it can very easily be accomplished to have your account insured up to 2.5 million or more.

And that’s just the start to your savings on financial fees.

Business Checking

Not for profit means lower fees on your business checking accounts as well.  As a POLAM member, you can take advantage of the savings on checking fees for your business account, too.  Compare our fees to a big bank and it’s no wonder more members turn to our credit union for all their financial services needs.

We offer business accounts for partnerships, limited liability partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, sole proprietors and unincorporated associations.  Call us for more information (800) 404-5137.

Ready to get started?

Partnerships/Limited Partnership/Limited Liability Partnership:

  • Partnership agreement face page and signature page (required)
  • Copy of fictitious name statement (if applicable)
  • General partnership statement of authority, if any
  • T.I.N. number of Partnership on IRS letterhead
  • Tax Returns

In order for us to make your experience even more efficient, follow the handy list of documents to bring with you when you come open your business account:


  • Articles of filed and recorded articles of incorporation
  • Copy of fictitious name statement (if applicable)
  • Copy of resolution of board of directors to open and transact business on the account and designating the authorized signers
  • Minutes of Board Meeting
  • T.I.N. number of Corporation on IRS letterhead
  • Tax Returns

Sole Proprietorship or DBA:

  • Copy of filed fictitious name statement if applicable (also referred to as “DBA Papers”)
  • Business Card license with the name of the business
  • SS# or T.I.N. number on IRS letterhead, or Tax Returns
  • Most recent Business Owner tax return


  • Articles of Organization filed
  • Annual Financial Statement
  • Operating Agreement face page and signature page (if applicable) or signed letter saying there is no Operating Agreement
  • Copy of fictitious name statement (if applicable)
  • T.I.N. number of LLC on IRS letterhead
  • Most recent Business Owner tax return